NOW THE LEAVES ARE FALLING FAST- objective questions


Read the following sentences and wrote T for true and F for false statements

  1. The leaves are falling very fast. T
  2. The nurses are still there to take care of there to take care of the flowers. F
  3. All the prams are gone to the grave. F
  4. ‘Whispering neighbours’ disturb the ‘real delight’ of the ageing persons. T
  5. Old persons feel lonely as they gradually become inactive. T
  6. Death freezes the body and separates us from the crowd of the people. T
  7. The promises of love are often deceptive. T
  8. Starvation and suffering do not characterize human life. T
  9. Travellers get one relief in the waterfall of the mountain. T
  10. ‘The pram goes rolling on’ suggest the continuity of life. F

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