I HAVE A DREAM – Questions And Answers

B.1. Read the following sentences and write T for true and F for false statements.

  1. The hopes the Negro population were fulfilled by the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. T
  2. The condition of the negros was appalling. T
  3. The ‘bank of justice’ is bankrupt. T
  4. The author prefers racial discrimination. F
  5. The nation could overlook Negro problems. F
  6. The Negros of America has citizenship rights. F
  7. The author hates the white Americans. F
  8. He advocates non-violent struggle. T
  9. 2. Answer the following questions briefly.
  10. What is the author trying to achieve through his speech?

Ans. Martin Luther seeks the support of the audience in his struggle for the rights of the Negros. Even some whites were present there. He expresses his gratitude to those who came to listen to him and support the Negro’s cause.

  1. Do you think Martin Luther is a great orator? What, according to you, are qualities of a great orator? What does Martin Luther urge his people to do?

Ans. Yes, I sincerely believe that Martin Luther is a great orator. In my opinion a great orator is one who can draw the attention of the readers, spellbinds them and succeeds in conveying his message.

  1. What is their pledge?

The pledge is to move ahead and continue their struggle for freedom and rights.

  1. What are the ‘trials and tribulations’ the author talks about?

Martin Luther talks about the trials and tribulation face by the Negros in jails where they had to face creative sufferings. He talks about the suffering caused by their segregation.

  1. 3. Answer the following questions briefly.
  2. ‘This is our hope’ (paragraph 19). What is the hope?

Ans. Martin Luther king hopes that freedom will ring from every corner of the country. He has a hope that Negros will get the right to live with the whites. He has a hope to see the children former slaves and former slave owners will walk together as brother and sisters.

  1. If America is to be a great nation what must become true?

Ans. If America is to be a great nation, the Negros should be given their rights. It will create harmony inside the country. America will be a stronger country in this way.

  1. Why and when will they thank the Almighty?

Ans. They will thank the Almighty when they get their rights and freedom rings from every corner of the country.


  1. 1 The life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. Elaborate.

Ans. Martin Luther King Jr. claims that the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. He believes that Negroes are thought to be inferior to the whites and are not given the proper rights of a citizen but are tormented by whites everywhere. In a way Negros have been degraded into a kind of handicap who can’t do anything. They are racially discriminated and are fettered. they are tribulated tortured and tormented. They are not given the right to vote. They are not allowed to go freely and are separated from the society. the injustice against negroes makes them cripple and manacles in the society. This is in just against humanity.

Q.2. What would be total for nation? Why? Explain.

Ans. Martin Luther King Jr. states clearly that it will not be proper to underestimate the determination of Negroes. It could be fatal for the nation because sweltering summer of Negroes’ legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom. Negro is grated his citizenship. They will begin a revolt for their rights and justice the whirlwinds of this revolt will continue to shake the foundation of nation until the bright day of justice emerges. If nation does not understand the problem of Negro, Negroes will revolt seriously. So it will be fatal for the nation.

Q.2. What was the dream? How many times ‘I have a dream’ appear in the lesson? Discuss the importance of this repetition?

Ans. In his famous speech Martin Luther King Jr  express his dreams and desires. His dream was that one day this nation will rise up and live out the free meaning of its creed. One day, the red hill Georgia, the son the former slave and the Sons of former slave owners will able to sit down together of a table f brotherhood. Freedom rings from the snow- capped of Colorado Rockies and peaks of California. freedom rings from every village and every Hamlet. He dreams to speed up the day when all children of god will able to join the hands. Phrase ‘I have a dream’ is repeated seven times here. The repetition of this phrase reveals the intention of the speaker for the upliftment of his community.

Q.4. What is the pledge? When will it be fulfilled?

Ans. The speaker takes the pledge of marching ahead and not to turn back. It will be fulfilled when the Negros get their rights and freedom. They get justice. They should not be tortured, segregated, and tormental discriminated and isolated from the society. It will be full-filled when Negros comes out from the hell of slavery and get complete freedom and emancipation.

Q.5. Do you have a dream for your state? Narrate your dream in your own words.

Ans. Yes; I have a dream for my state. I want to see my state progressing in the field of science and technology. The people of my state get employment. They get proper education. The roads are smooth like foreign roads. The government is notcorrupt. It rules in right order. There is no discrimination on the basis of caste, colour and communy. All are equal and think for the prosperity and good governing of the state. Justice in our state should pious. No innocent is oppressed. In short I want my state to be a model state.

Q.6.Narrate in brief ‘I have a dream ‘ in your words.

Ans.’I have a dream is a wonderful speech of M L King Jr. Here he expresses his great ideas on civil rights. He talks here about the rights of the Negros. He said that Negroes in Alabama and other states of America were living in an appalling conditions. There was discrimination on the basis of colour. Negroes was segregate from society. They had no rights for votes. Struggle for Negroes freedom was started by M L King Jr in non-violence way. He affirmed to change the fate of Negroes living in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Ghettos. All the whites and black boys and girls will live together as brothers and sisters. He dream that freedom rings from everywhere for the negroes; He prays at last when the song of freedom emerges out from every part of America and all live and dream together.

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