A character sketch of Mr. Micawber.

Charles Dickens has written ‘David Copperfield’ a popular novel of 20th century. David Copperfield has a number of humorous characters. These comic characters have become immortal in the annals of English fiction. Micawber is one of them. Micawber is a stout and middle aged man. He enjoys robust health but his head had hardly any hair. He always carries a stick with him.

Micawber is optimistic and waits for a windfall for something to turn up. As a man he is full of the milk of human kindness. He faces problems due to his small income. He is always happy and cheerful even in distressing situation. Creditors always vex him and he has to go to jail for not repaying their money. He helps David in every way. He is an indulgent father and a loving husband. Micawber exposes the villainy of Uriah Heep and saves Mr. Wickfield and Agnes from him. He is ready to help others in spite of his slow action of business. Sometimes he looks like an insane but he is always bearing a normal character. He is always noble hearted. I like his character most for all these qualities of his head and heart.

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